Privacy Policy

At Writerspremium, we understand that privacy of every writer is highly important. During the registration process, we do request applicant to provide us his/her personal details. In the sections below, we explain how we safeguard your personal details.


Request for Personal Information

  • Writerspremium collects personal information either when a writer signs-up at our website or contacts our staff directly.

  • Writerspremium does not store and/or any data on your computer’s hard drive. Our website is secure and makes use of HTTP sessions to authenticate our writers. This means that as soon as you logout or close your browser, all your personal data is deletedfrom your computer.In addition, we deploy latest Java and PHP technologies to improve your user experience.

  • Servers used by our websiterecords your personal information every time you visit our website; information includes, IP address, URL, type of browser, operating system used, time and date. The information is only for recording number of visitors, track malicious logins and for enhancing quality of service.

Use of Personal Information

  • In all instances, we only use your personal information to contact you and customize your profile as per chosen preferences during signup (e.g. time zone, types of subjects)

  • Periodically, we use personal information to audit ouronline presence and improve on our quality of service.

  • At any time when our Staff at Human Resource Department is handling your personal information, they comply with our confidentiality agreement and privacy policy. They are restricted to unnecessarily use the personal information to contact you unless only via official emails.

  • All personal information is processed on our private secure servers at United States of America and in Britain.


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